VT TurnSign

Warn cyclists of your presence with our illuminated sign

Built with CLOCS, Crossrail, FORS compliance, VT TURNSIGN specifically improves vehicle visibility for approaching vulnerable road users, warning them away from the hazardous left-side of the vehicle.


Statistically, the most dangerous actions for a road user is to undertake a vehicle on its left-hand side, the driver can easily miss cyclist who is hidden in their blind spots.

Our tests show that using high-intensity warning flashes that are visible at eye-level is the most effective way of warning a vulnerable road user – heightening their awareness that the vehicle is about to turn.

TURNSIGN does exactly what it says – It is an illuminated warning sign designed to attract the attention of road users that approach a vehicle especially when turning.


How it works

Waterproof and built using a light-weight yet robust aluminium frame this system can withstand the daily rigours of everyday life.  It works effectively as part of our cyclist safety range, helping reduce the risk of incidents with cyclist, motorcyclist and pedestrians.

The sign has been developed as a modular device -The sign content and colour can be adapted to meet your requirements. However, we’ve tailored the standard product to be either constantly illuminated or flash when the vehicle indicates.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases vehicle awareness
  • Illuminated or flashing
  • Can be portrait or landscape
  • A4 size sign
  • Reduce accidents
  • Compliance with FORS and CLOCS
  • Dual voltage
  • Advanced option for DVS standard

“ We made Vision Techniques our main supplier of safety systems due to their impressive range.”

Chris Snelson, NRG Fleet

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